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Photo by Zita Koever
Section for Science of Complex Systems

Medical University of Vienna
Spitalgasse 23
1090 Vienna, Austria


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Anna Chmiel is a post-doctoral researcher at the Section for Science of Complex Systems. She is working in the EU FP7 project LASAGNE, applying multiplex network representations to medical data. Various kinds of links allow for the simultaneous analysis of many relations between objects such as diseases, doctors and patients. Her research aims to develop new methods of analysis for medical networks.

She obtained a PhD in physics in 2011 at Warsaw University of Technology. During her PhD studies she has been analyzing the dynamics of users in e-communities in the EU FP7 project Cyberemotions, by applying different research methods e.g., networks, Markov chains, stochastic process or statistical analysis. Internet continues to be a fascinating area of scientific probing, where massive amounts of data allow to observe many interesting phenomena. Her master thesis (2006) was dedicated to weighted networks of companies which were built as a projection of bipartite networks of companies and branches of economy in Poland.

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