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Caspar Matzhold

Section for Science of Complex Systems
Research Assistant (PhD)

Medical University of Vienna
Spitalgasse 23
1090 Vienna, Austria

Tel: +43 1 40160 36255
Fax: +43 1 40160 936250

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Caspar Matzhold is a PhD candidate at the Section of Complex Systems Science at the Medical University of Vienna and the Complexity Science Hub Vienna.

Caspar obtained a bachelor's degree in sociology from the University of Vienna and a master's degree in cognitive science from the University of Vienna and the University of Ljubljana. In his master thesis, entitled: "How cognitive integration of clinical and methodological expertise enhances data-driven analysis" - carried out at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna in cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna -, Caspar showed how explorative data-driven analysis benefits from interdisciplinary collaboration. By combining methodological and medical expertise, the research team revealed a highly non-trivial dependence of statin dosage with the odds of being diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Caspar continues to work with medical data, which includes human and veterinary medical datasets. He is currently working on the D4Dairy project, "Digitalisation, Data integration, Detection and Decision support in Dairying", aiming to apply new methodological approaches to identify risk factors as well as to develop predictive models for early prognostic disease markers detections in dairy cattle.

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