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Stefan Thurner - Talks

Agent-based Modeling of Systemic Risk - Annual Conference of the Hellenic Mathematical Society
2019-04-05 to 2019-04-06
Thessaloniki, Greece

Where do we go – Will medicine become data science?
Tag der Universität
Vienna, Austria

Elimination of systemic risk in financial markets
Research Seminar at the Vienna University of Business and Economics
Vienna, Austria

Physics Colloquium - University of Torino
Torino, Italy

Big Data und die Folgen - Sind wir noch zu retten?
Wiener Vorlesungen
Vienna, Austria

Complex Systems: From Data to Knowledge
Infineon Tech Talks Series
Villach, Austria

Complex Systems: From Data to Knowledge
Donau University Krems
Krems, Austria

Elimination of systemic risk in financial markets
University of Virginia - Economics Department Seminar
Charlottesville, United States

If we understand systemic risk - why not eliminate it?
Lunch talk at the World Bank
Washington, United States

Elimination of systemic risk in the financial system
Princeton University - Complex Systems Workshop
2018-11-30 to 2018-12-01
Princeton, United States

Nur wer Sinn aus Daten ziehen kann, hat künftig eine Chance
Symposium Österreich 22 - Neue Impulse
2018-10-18 to 2018-10-19
Graz, Austria

Big Data in der Medizin
Oberster Sanitätsratsrat der Republick Österreich
Vienna, Austria

Die Wissenschaft komplexer Systeme am Beispiel der Medizin
Interdisziplinäre Forschung 4.0, Holzhausen Science Forum
Vienna, Austria

Where do all these Distribution Functions come from?
Erwin Schroedinger International Institute: Symposium on “Concepts of Probability in the Sciences”
2018-10-29 to 2018-10-30
Vienna, Austria

Big data & health care research
2. Annual Meeting of the Austrian Platform for Personalized Medicine
2018-10-11 to 2018-10-12
Graz, Austria

Safeguarding human rights
Meeting of the National Ethics Councils (NEC) Forum and the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE) - Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU
2018-09-17 to 2018-09-18
Vienna, Austria

Mr. Watson - ohne Datenbanken keine Personalisierte Medizin?
Krankes Netz - 49. Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Innere Medizin: Personalisierte Medizin
2018-09-20 to 2018-09-22
Salzburg, Austria

Safeguarding human rights - or exploiting big medical data - or both?
Ethics Committee of the Chancellor of Austria
Vienna, Austria

Driven non-equilibrium systems as sample space reducing processes: How statistics emerges as an interplay of driving and relaxing
Conference on Complex Systems 2018, Satellite Meeting - Physics of Self-Organization in Complex Systems: The role of fundamental physics principles, information and entropy in the change of complexity
Thessaloniki, Greece

Systemic risk management as a network optimization problem
Conference on Complex Systems 2018, Satellite Meeting - Economic Fitness and Complexity
Thessaloniki, Greece

Large scale agent based models in economics and fincance
International School on Computational Social Science and Complex Systems
2018-07-16 to 2018-07-21
Varenna, Italy

Curse and Chances of Big Medical Data
12. Carinthische Dialoge 2018 - Digitale Zukunft - zwischen Faszination und Manipulation. Was bleibt uns Menschen?
2018-07-06 to 2018-07-08
St. Urban, Austria

Using big data analytics to reduce systemic risk in financial markets
URA Singapore
Singapore, Singapore

Using big data analytics to reduce, systemic risk in nancial markets
NTU Complexity Institute Sharing Session
2018-06-20 to 2018-06-26
Nanyang, Singapore

Elimination of Systemic Risk in Financial Networks
CSH Colloquium: Improving resilience in complex systems
2018-06-07 to 2019-06-09
Vienna, Austria

Big Data - New Medicine?
Katholischer Akademiker Verband - Themenschwerpunkt
Vienna, Austria

Panel discussion
Humanity and Technology - Empowerment instead of Fear
2018-05-14 to 2018-05-16
Katowice, Poland

Contribution to themes and group discussion
Santa Fe Institute: From Judgement to Impact
2018-04-03 to 2018-04-04
Santa Fe, United States

Digitalisierung im Gesundheitswesen
3. PRAEVENIRE Gesundheitsforum Seitenstetten
2018-04-18 to 2018-04-20
Seitenstetten, Austria

On the origin of power laws in complex systems
NTU Winter School on Complex Systems, NTU Singapore
2018-03-22 to 2018-03-28
Nanyang, Singapore

Understanding Evolution as a Complex System
FIAS Lectures on Complexity
Frankfurt, Germany

Entropy for Complex Systems
MPI für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften
Leipzig, Germany

Big Data in der Medizin
Festakt 180 Jahre St. Anna Kinderspital, Rathaus, Festsaal
Vienna, Austria

Behavioral Finance und systemisches Risiko: Lehren und Politikempfehlungen
University of Bamberg Promotionskolleg „Makroökonomik bei beschränkter Rationalität: Dynamik, Stabilisierung und Verteilung“
Bamberg, Germany

Quantification of systemic risk from overlapping portfolios in the financial system
Second Conference on Network Models and Stress Testing for Financial Stability
2017-09-26 to 2017-09-27
Mexico City, Mexico

Towards a statistics of innovation - how statistics appears from noisy search processes - all of statistics - from Gauss to Zipf
KREYON Conference 2017: Unfolding the Dynamics of Creativity and Innovation
2017-09-06 to 2017-09-09
Rome, Italy

Systemic risk management by restructuring financial networks
Conference on Complex Systems 2017, Satellite - Complex Financial Networks and Systemic Risk
2017-09-18 to 2017-09-22
Cancún, Mexico

How statistics appears in path dependent processes - all of it - from Zipf to Gauss
Complex Networks: from socio-economic systems to biology and brain
2017-09-08 to 2017-09-14
Lipari, Italy

What if you know everything? What we learn about the homo sapiens from a computer game
Aalto-IBSEN Workshop on Computational Science
Helsinki, Finland

The three faces of entropy for complex systems - information, thermodynamics and the maxent principle
Summer Solstice Conference on Discrete Complex Systems
2017-06-21 to 2017-06-23
Catania, Italy

Big-Data driven 1-to-1 Simulations of Financial Systems for the Elimination of Systemic Risk
International Conference on Computational Science
2017-06-12 to 2017-06-14
Zurich, Switzerland

Big Data - Folgen für die Gesundheitsversorgung
Forum Gesundheitswirtschaft - Big Data, personalisierte Medizin und Digitalisierung: Welche Folgen für uns alle?
2017-05-11 to 2017-05-12
Basle, Switzerland

What is a Complex System?
European Chamber Music Academy
2017-05-70 to 2017-05-14
Grafenegg, Austria

Complexity: physics beyond physics
Wigner Colloquia
Budapest, Hungary

Emergence of Power Laws
Winter School - NTU Singapore
2017-03-09 to 2017-03-10
Nanyang, Singapore

Understanding Co-Morbidity from Nation-Wide Medical Data
Sharing seminar at Complexity Institute NTU
Nanyang, Singapore

How complexity weakens causality — emerging dangers — and ways out
Conference “Causality - Reality” - NTU Singapore
2017-03-06 to 2017-03-08
Nanyang, Singapore

On the origin of power laws in history-dependent processes
Oxford University Austrian Society
Oxford, United Kingdom

Getting to know homo sapiens with online games
Oxford Martin School - Complexity Group Seminar
Oxford, United Kingdom

Understanding co-morbidity through medical data on national scales
International Conference on Synthetic Populations
2017-02-22 to 2017-02-23
Lucca, Italy

Entropy for complex systems
Group seminar at INET Martin School Oxford University
Oxford, United Kingdom

Ignite talk: Understanding urbanisation, technological change, and their social, and economic impact
APCTP 2016 Workshop on Frontiers of Physics: Push the Envelope of Statistical Physics: Econo, Social, Bio and Beyond
2016-12-12 to 2016-12-15
Pohang, South Korea

Combinatorial Evolution and its Statistics
Complexity Science Hub Vienna - Approaches to Evolution of Complex Systems
2016-11-10 to 2016-11-11
Vienna, Austria

Big Data Analyse in der Medizin
6. Jahrestagung der österreichischen Gesellschaft für Laboratoriumsmedizin und klinische Chemie
2016-11-08 to 2016-11-11
Salzburg, Austria

Managing Systemic Risk in Financial Multilayer Networks
LMU: What’s new in networks? – Building bridges between computational, mathematical and statistical network analysis
2016-10-05 to 2016-10-07
Munich, Germany

Vision for principles for creativity and innovation
Kreyon Days 2016
2016-10-26 to 2016-10-30
Rome, Italy

Simtable presentation
KREYON Creativity and Innovation Day - Sapienza Rome University
2016-10-26 to 2016-10-30
Rome, Italy

How financial multilayer networks create systemic risk - and how to manage it
Leiden Networks Day
Leiden, The Netherlands

Das Phänomen Licht - physikalisch betrachtet
Kunst im Karner "In light of light"
2016-09-03 to 2016-09-18
Mödling, Austria

International Summerschool on Creativity and Evolution in Games, Language, Robots, Life and Art
2016-09-05 to 2016-09-09
Como, Italy

Systemic risk in financial multilayer networks - and how to manage it
Financial Risk & Network Theory
2016-09-13 to 2016-09-14
Cambridge, United Kingdom

How to measure, manage and eliminate systemic risk in the financial system
CCS 2016 - satellite conference: Social and Economic Change as a Complex Dynamical System
2016-09-19 to 2016-09-22
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Understanding of Power laws in Path Dependent Processes
CCS 2016 - Santa Fe Institute Workshop
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Entropy for complex systems
CCS 2016 - Information Processing in Complex Systems: Classical and Quantum
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Combinatorial Evolutionary Dynamics as a Prototype for Complex Systems
CCS 2016 - Determinants of Creativity and Innovation in Science, Art and Technology
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Quantifying behaviour of humans and their interactions: what we can learn about our species from virtual worlds
Lipari School on Computational Complex and Social Systems
2016-07-10 to 2016-07-17
Lipari, Italy

Lecture: Networks in socio-technical systems I
NetSci School 2016
2016-05-30 to 2016-06-03
Seoul, South Korea

How a fully endogenous combinatorial model of evolution explains booms and busts in economic development
NetSci 2016, Satellite "Networks and Technology Evolution"
2016-05-30 to 2016-06-03
Seoul, South Korea

Understanding medicine and the healthcare system from big medical re-use data
NetSci 2016 Satellite: Network Medicine
Seoul, Korea

On the Origin of Power Laws in Targeted Diffusion on Networks
NetSci 2016
2016-05-30 to 2016-06-03
Seoul, Korea

Using big medical data for predicting health trajectories and implications for prevention strategies
eHealth Summit 2016
2016-05-24 to 2016-05-25
Vienna, Austria

Overview of work of the Section for Science of Complex Systems at MUW
Methods for Evolutionary Systems
Klosterneuburg, Austria

From Data to Medicine
NTU 2016 Winter School
2016-03-10 to 2016-03-16
Nanyang, Singapore

Eliminating Systemic Risk in Financial Markets
Nanyang Technological University, School of economics seminar
Nanyang, Singapore

What We Can Learn about the Homo Sapiens from MMOGs
Central European University, Center for Network Science
Budapest, Hungary

Elimination of Systemic Risk in Financial Multilayer Networks
OeNB internal group seminar
Vienna, Austria

Presentation of research: previous projects, agent based modeling etc.
IHS - CSHV: Get to know each other workshop I
Vienna, Austria

Elimination of Systemic Risk in Financial Multilayer Networks
ETH Risk Center Seminar Series
Zurich, Switzerland

Genereal overview of the group's research fields and results
Complexity Colloquium
2015-12-10 to 2015-12-11
Nové Hrady, Czech Republic

Understanding human behavior from game worlds
Ca'Foscari University of Venice
2015-12-20 to 2015-12-22
Venice, Italy

Biostatistische Herausforderung individualisierter Therapieansätze
Tage der Personalisierten Medizin 2015
2015-11-06 to 2015-11-07
Vienna, Austria

Management of systemic risk
Systems Analysis 2015: New methods for understanding complex systems
2015-11-11 to 2015-11-13
Laxenburg, Austria

Management systemischer Risiken
Sitzung des Fachbeirates der Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht
Bonn, Germany

Festvortrag: What if we know everything? Using big data to understand the homo sapiens and its society.
Forum für medizinische Fortbildung: Gynäkologie
2015-11-12 to 2015-11-14
Vienna, Austria

What if you know everything? Lessons on the nature of the homo sapiens from big online game data
Challenges in Data Science: a complex systems perspective
2015-10-14 to 2015-10-17
Turin, Italy

What if you know it all? Quantifying human behavior from a virtual world
2015-09-07 to 2015-09-11
Osaka, Japan

Eliminating Systemic Risk in Financial Markets
Santa Fe Institute Seminar: Reinventing the Investment Industy
London, United Kingdom

Systemic risk and its management
RWTH Aachen University Workshop: Decisions under uncertainty
2015-09-21 to 2015-09-25
Aachen, Germany

Taking Schumpeter seriously - an evolutionary model for innovation dynamics
Kreyon Day 2015
Rome, Italy

Financial multiplex networks and systemic risk
EU project LASAGNE - Final event
2015-09-17 to 2015-09-18
Barcelona, Spain

Systemic risk elimination in financial multiplex network
Econophysics Colloquium 2015
2015-09-14 to 2015-09-16
Prague, Czech Republic

What to Do If You Know Everything? Understanding Human Behavior in a Virtual World
Conference on Complex Systems - CCS 2015
2015-09-28 to 2015-10-02
Tempe, Arizona, USA

Information theory for complex systems
V Summer School on Statistical Physics of Complex and Small Systems
2015-07-06 to 2015-07-17
Barcelona, Spain

A theory of generalized entropies and where it applies
New Trends in Statistical Mechanical Foundations of Complexity: Applications in high energy and plasma physics, long-range interactions, edge-of-chaos and elsewhere
2015-07-27 to 2015-08-03
Erice, Italy

Systemic risk in financial multiplex networks
Mathematics and Physics of Multilayer Complex Networks
2015-07-05 to 2015-07-08
Dresden, Germany

Big Data Driven Social Science - What Can We Learn About The Homo Sapiens?
4th International Young Scientists Conference
2015-06-25 to 2015-07-03
Athens, Greece

Elimination of Systemic Risk Through a Systemic Risk Transaction Tax
Complexity in Economics and Finance - 10th Tinbergen Institute Conference
2015-05-18 to 2015-05-20
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Complex Systems
University of Veterinary Medicine
Vienna, Austria

Quantifying virtual worlds
Social and Evolutionary Neuroscience Research Group (SENRG), University of Oxford
Oxford, United Kingdom

Emergence of a Comprehensive Understanding of Scaling Patterns in Nature
Emerging Patterns
2015-03-02 to 2015-03-04
Nanyang, Singapore

Elimination of systemic risk in financial markets by a systemic risk tax
Deutsches Bundesfinanzministerium
Berlin, Germany

What to do if you know everything? Studying human behavior in a virtual world
37th European Conference on Information Retrieval
2015-03-29 to 2015-04-02
Vienna, Austria

What is systemic risk in financial markets and how to eliminate it
NTU-Warwick Winter School on Complexity
2015-02-23 to 2015-02-27
Nanyang, Singapore

Quantification of humans in virtual worlds
(Un)Calculable Conflicts. Complexity, Mathematics und Historical Research - Austrian Academy of Sciences
Vienna, Austria

Complex Systems Research: Data driven advances and applications
Research Studios Austria: Taking Innovation from Universities to Markets
2015-01-08 to 2015-01-10
St. Gilgen, Austria

Entropies for Complex Systems
Institute for Scientific Interchange - Seminar: Entropies for Complex Systems
2015-01-19 to 2015-01-20
Turin, Italy

Policy experiments with the comprehensive macro-financial model
CRISIS Final Meeting
London, Great Britain

Nachhaltige Reduzierung des systemischen Risikos mittels Finanztransaktionssteuer
Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht
Bonn, Germany

Elimination of systemic risk by a systemic risk tax
CEMLA Seminar on Network Analysis and Financial Stability Issues
2014-12-10 to 2014-12-11
Mexico City, Mexico

Controlling Systemic Risk In Financial Networks: Using Network Metrics Of The Interbank Liability
21st Annual Risk Minds International
2014-12-08 to 2014-12-12
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Big Data for understanding the homo sapiens and its society
IKT Trends 2020 - Big Data
Vienna, Austria

EU commission directorate general market
Global Systems Science Meeting
Brussels, Belgium

Elimination of systemic risk by a systemic risk tax
2014-10-01 to 2014-10-03
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Systemic Risk and Resolution Schemes
CRISIS SAB meeting, Bank of England
2014-10-14 to 2014-10-15
London, United Kingdom

Quanitification of human collective behaviour - experiments in virtual game space
Maths Meets Myths 2014, ESF Exploratory Workshop
2014-09-10 to 2014-09-13
Coventry, England

European Conference on Complex Systems 2014
2014-09-22 to 2014-09-26
Lucca, Italy

Information theory for complex systems: what is the entropy?
ECCS'14 - Satellite meeting: Dynamical Structures in Complex Systems: an information theoretic perspective (DySCS)
2014-09-22 to 2014-09-26
Lucca, Italy

CSI-ABM Summer School: Agent-based Modelling in Economics
2014-09-15 to 2014-09-19
Ghent, Belgium

Entropies for Complex Systems
Summersolstice 2014 - International Conference on Discrete Models of Complex Systems
2014-06-22 to 2014-06-25
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Statistical Mechanics Foundations of Complexity — Where Do We Stand?
2014-05-08 to 2002-04-10
Santa Fe, USA

Preventing collapse of financial networks through systemic risk taxes - answers from agent based models
ECMS 2014 - European Conference on Modelling and Simulation
2014-05-27 to 2014-05-30
Brescia, Italy

Knowledge networking
STOA Workshop "New learning and teaching technology options"
Brussels, Belgium

Entropy for complex systems
MECO 39 - Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics
2014-04-08 to 2014-04-10
Coventry, England

DebtRank-transparency: Controlling systemic risk in financial networks
GSBC EIC The Economics of Innovative Change
Jena, Germany

Default models and plans
5th CRISIS workshop
2014-03-17 to 2014-03-18
Oxford, United Kingdom

Big social, financial, and medical multiplex data - What to do with it?
Games, Science & Society - Workshop EU FP7 INSITE
2013-10-10 to 2013-10-11
Laxenburg, Austria

Entropy for complex and non-ergodic systems
Complex Systems - Foundations and Appications
2013-10-29 to 2013-11-01
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Is there a world behind Shannon? Entropies for complex systems
Interdisciplinary Symposium on Complex Sytems
2013-09-09 to 2013-09-13
Prague, Czech Republic

ECCS’13 (Satellite Meeting): Global Computing for our Complex Hyper-connected World
2013-09-18 to 2013-09-19
Barcelona, Spain

The LASAGNE project
ECCS'13: EU Projects
Barcelona, Spain

The world beyond Boltzmann, Gibbs and Shannon: entropies for complex systems
ComplexQuantumSystems Summer School 2013
2013-09-02 to 2013-09-06
Vienna, Austria

DebtRank-transparency: Eliminating systemic risk in financial networks
Econophysics Colloquium 2013
2013-07-28 to 2013-07-31
Pohang, Korea

What can we learn from multiplex data of MMOGs?
NetSci 2013
2013-06-03 to 2013-06-07
Copenhagen, Denmark

Systemic risk as a multiplex: three lessons from three of its layers
Econophysics and Networks Across Scales - Lorentz Workshop
2013-05-27 to 2013-05-31
Leiden, The Netherlands

Entropy for non-ergodic systems - toward a world behind Shannon
Seminar on Dynamic Systems & Ergodic Theory - Institute for Mathematics, University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

Systemic risk: leverage, defaults and cleaning up
Lorentz Workshop on Complexity Models for Systemic Instabilities and Crises
2013-04-08 to 2013-04-10
Leiden, The Netherlands

An evolutionary model for Schumpeterian economics
Joint CRM-Imperial College School and Workshop in Complex Systems
2013-04-12 to 2002-04-12
Barcelona, Spain

Is there a world beyond Shannon? Entropies for complex systems
Imperial College School and Workshop in Complex Systems
2013-04-08 to 2013-04-13
Barcelona, Spain

Systemic risk in financial networks: Quantification and control
Brisbane Club Meeting, Liechtenstein Stadtpalais
Vienna, Austria

Entropies for non-ergodic complex systems towards a world behing Shannon
Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems group
Vienna, Austria

How to use DebtRank to eliminate risk in financial networks
Seminar Series - Hilary 2013
Said Business School, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

How to use DebtRank to eliminate systemic risk in financial networks
Oxford, United Kingdom

Of agents and networks, or what economy can learn from complex systems
Arbeiterkammer Wien
Vienna, Austria

Learning - through games, Games - through learning
8th BIOVISION: From Life Sciences to Sciences of Life
2013-03-24 to 2013-03-26
Lyon, France

DebtRank-transparency: controlling systemic risk in financial networks
Institute for New Economic Thinking, Oxford Martin School
Oxford, United Kingdom

Managing Complexity
Drucker Forum 2013
Vienna, Austria

Human Behavioral Laws derived from a Multiplex Data of a Large-Scale Computer Game Society
Warwick Complexity Science Events
Warwick, United Kingdom

A Model for Schumpeterian Dynamics and its Predictions
Economic Growth Workshop IIASA
2012-12-07 to 2012-12-08
Laxenburg, Austria

Systemic financial risk: agent based models to understand the leverage cycle on national scales and its consequences
The Governance of a Complex World
2012-11-01 to 2012-11-03
Nizza, France

Entropies for complex systems – the world beyond Shannon
Complexity and Networks Seminars
London, United Kingdom

A simple SOC model for cell-differentiation
Collective Motion in Biological Systems: from Data to Models
2012-11-05 to 2012-11-09
Bielefeld, Germany

The Computer Game University
Measuring, Quantifying and Modeling Processes of Scientific Knowledge Creation and Propagation in Online Societies - INSITE International Workshop
2012-09-18 to 2012-09-19
Venice, Italy

Learning - through games, Games - through learning
Learning through research - Workshop
2012-07-13 to 2012-07-15
Paris, France

Anomalous statistics of dynamical systems on networks
ECT Workshop Spectral Properties of Complex Networks
2012-07-23 to 2012-07-27
Trento, Italy

Rational scientists and the collapse of the peer-review system
Professional training for surgeons at the Vienna General Hospital
Vienna, Austria

The Section for Science of Complex Systems, CeMSIIS, MUW
Presentation of the Institutes at CeMSIIS, MUW
Vienna, Austria

Managing Complexity in Corporations
BASF - Extended European Site Conference
2012-06-13 to 2012-12-15
Ludwigshafen, Germany

What if we have everything for understanding societies?
NESS 2012 Workshop
2012-03-29 to 2012-03-30
Brussels, Belgium

The Role of Agent Based Models in Understanding Human Societies
Keynote lecture at DPG spring meeting 2012
2012-03-25 to 2012-03-30
Berlin, Germany

Entropy of non-ergodic complex systems - a derivation from first principles
International Workshop on Anomalous Statistics, Generalized Entropies, and Information Geometry
2012-03-06 to 2012-03-10
Nara, Japan

Interface: financial sector - real economy
CRISIS mid-term meeting
2012-03-27 to 2012-03-28
Berlin, Germany

Entropy for complex systems - exploring the world beyond Shannon
Seminar - Dept. of Theoretical Physics
2012-02-16 to 2012-02-17
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Entropy of non-ergodic systems - A derivation from first principles
International Conference on Statistical Physics
2011-07-11 to 2011-07-15
Larnaca, Cyprus

Financial cascades and clustered volatility
Herding, innovations and tipping points
2011-07-15 to 2011-07-16
Durham, England

FuturICT Austria
FuturICT Austria Constitution meeting
2011-07-01 to 2011-07-18
Laxenburg, Austria

Anatomy of financial crashes: How leverage creates fat tails and clustered volatility
VIII International Colloquium: Economic Growth, Structural Change and Institutions
2011-05-25 to 2011-05-27
Galway, Irland

Anatomy of financial crashes: Lessons from agent based models
NET 2011 - Networks, Topology and Dynamics
Milan, Italy

Generalized entropies: axiomatic derivation and applicability
Workshop on nonextensive statistical mechanics and integrable spin chains. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
2011-03-17 to 2011-03-18
Madrid, Spain

Quantifying Schumpeterian dynamics: A simple evolutionary model
Seminar, Kennedy School, Harvard University
Cambridge, USA

Recent research at the Section for Science of Complex Systems at the Medical University of Vienna
Seminar on Operations Research
Vienna, Austria

Wissenschaft Komplexer Systeme an der Medizinischen Universität Wien
Institut für Wissenschaft und Kunst
Vienna, Austria

Deriving Human Behavioral Laws from a Large-Scale Computer Game Society
Cyberemotions Workshop: Emergent Emotions on the Web, JSI
2011-01-20 to 2011-01-22
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Presentation OEDC-Report
OECD International Futures Programme
Paris, France

Linear model of gene activity with nonlinear constraints
NORDITA - Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics; Workshop on Random Trees, Polymers and Networks in Biology
2010-12-06 to 2010-12-09
Stockholm, Sweden

Die Rolle der Komplexitätsforschung für die Medizin der Zukunft
Forum Integrativmedizin
Vienna, Austria

Emergence of Trust and Reputation: a Physics Persepective: How is the problem viewed, what tools might be used?
COST meeting, Imperial College
2010-11-04 to 2010-11-05
London, England

Entropies for Complex Systems
7th Vienna Central European Seminar
2010-11-26 to 2010-11-28
Vienna, Austria

Komplexe Systeme in Organisationen
Invited talk
Graz, Austria

How leverage creates fat tails and clustered volatility: lessons from a simple agent based model
Conference on Quantifying and Understanding Dysfunctions of Financial Markets
2010-10-15 to 2010-10-16
Leuven, Belgium

Science of Complex Systems and Genetic Regulatory Networks
Vienna, Austria

Complex Systems Axioms - Derivation of Entropy and Distribution Functions for Complex Systems from Shannon-Khinchin-like Axioms for Correlated Systems
Santa Fe Institute Seminar
Santa Fe, USA

Fat tails and clustered volatility
Institute of advanced study: Is the Future Deterministic? Flux and Unpredictability in Cascade Evolution
Durham, England

Axiomatic derivation of entropy of complex systems
Greek-Turkish Conference on Statistical Mechanics and Complex Systems
2010-09-05 to 2010-09-12
Turunc, Turkey

An evolutionary network model for understanding economic dynamics
ECCS 2010
2010-09-13 to 2010-09-17
Lisbon, Portugal

Classication of complex statistical systems - deriving their entropy and distribution functions
Port Douglas, Australia

On the necessity of agent based models: understanding the leverage cycle on national scales
OECD Paris
Paris, France

Classification of complex statistical systems in terms of stability and a thermodynamical derivation of their entropy and distribution functions
Lecture Series Entropy 2010
2010-06-09 to 2010-06-25
Vienna, Austria

The anatomy of crashes: How leverage creates fat tails and clustered volatility
Global Derivatives Trading & Risk Management 2010
Paris, France

Thermodynamic derivation of the entropy of complex systems
Invited seminar at the Applied Theoretical Physics group, University of Catania
Catania, Italy

Measuring Social Systems
Complex Systems and Computational Social Science Workshop, CASL, University College Dublin
Dublin, Ireland

Interview at OE1 Radiokulturhaus
Vienna, Austria

Science of Complex Systems and Genetic Regulatory Networks
Talk at Institute of Pharmacology, Medical University of Vienna, Colloquium
Vienna, Austria

Establishment of a large-scale 'laboratory' for socio-economic behavior
COST Workshop: Processes on Networks
2010-03-10 to 2010-03-12
Vienna, Austria

Minimally non-linear dynamics: genetic regulatory networks at the edge of chaos
COST Workshop: Processes on Networks
2010-03-10 to 2010-03-12
Vienna, Austria

About constant laws and dynamic
COST Workshop: Processes on Networks
2010-03-10 to 2010-03-12
Vienna, Austria

Das Institut für Wissenschaft Komplexer Systeme
Vienna, Austria

In-silico cells and where to go with them
Vienna, Austria

Schumpeterian economics as a dynamical model of evolution
Talk at University of Delhi
Delhi, India

Stability of model-RNA networks
Talk at Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi, India

Darwin's daemon and a mechanistic approach to evolution dynamics
EVOLUTION OF COMPLEX SYSTEMS (ICTS Inaugural Event), Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore, India

Economics as a self-organized evolutionary system
Colloquium at Lakeside Labs, University of Klagenfurt
Klagenfurt, Austria

Simple models of evolution for economic dynamics
Seminar at the Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences
Bristol, Great Britain

Complex Systems: key science of the 21st century: examples from life science
Lecture (Bioinformatics)
Vienna, Austria

Anatomy of financial crashes
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Linear dynamics on spaces with boundaries: almost linear systems
XI Latin American Workshop on Nonlinear Phenomena
2009-10-05 to 2009-10-09
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Laboratory for measuring socio-economical dynamics in a massive multiplayer online game
International Conference: Future of Social Sciences and Humanities
2009-10-22 to 2009-10-23
Brussels, Belgium

Schumpeterian economics as a minimal evolution model
Santa Fe Institute Seminar
Santa Fe, USA

Laboratory for measuring evolution of socio-economical structure in an anti-medieval massive online game
International Medieval Congress
2009-07-13 to 2009-07-16
Leeds, England

Evolutionary model of financial crashes
Steps in Evolution: Perspectives from Physics, Biochemistry and Cell Biology 150 Years after Darwin
2009-06-28 to 2009-07-05
Bremen, Germany

Emergence and innovation in evolutionary systems
Steps in Evolution: Perspectives from Physics, Biochemistry and Cell Biology 150 Years after Darwin
2009-06-28 to 2009-07-05
Bremen, Germany

Toward a Hamiltonian evolution dynamics – or why complex dynamical systems crash from time to time
Statistical Physics: Modern Trends and Applications
2009-06-23 to 2009-06-25
Lviv, Ukrainia

No Risk - No Fun: Modeling Financial Crashes
International Workshop on Coping with Crises in Complex Socio-Economic Systems
2009-06-08 to 2009-06-13
Zürich, Switzerland

Hamiltonian evolutionary dynamics as alternative models of systemic risk
International Workshop on Coping with Crises in Complex Socio-Economic Systems
2009-06-08 to 2009-06-13
Zürich, Switzerland

Complex Systems - science of the 21st century
Austrian Parliament
Vienna, Austria

Anatomy of financial crashes: an agent based model of the leverage cycle
Austrian Central Bank, OeNB Seminar
Vienna, Austria

Why complex dynamical systems have to crash from time to time
Abisko Seminar
2009-05-04 to 2009-05-07
Abisko, Sweden

Hamiltonian evolution dynamics
1st Annual Meeting COST Action MP0801
2009-05-27 to 2009-05-30
Rome, Italy

Why complex dynamical systems crash
IIASA Seminar
Laxenburg, Austria

Anatomy of financial crashes: an agent based model of the leverage cycle
German Physical Society Spring Meeting
2009-03-22 to 2009-03-27
Dresden, Germany

Measuring the evolution of socio-economical structure in an online game
German Physical Society Annual Spring Meeting
2009-03-22 to 2009-03-27
Dresden, Germany

Complex Systems - key science of the 21st century: examples from life science
General Hospital Vienna
Vienna, Austria

Anatomy of financial crashes
Collegium Budapest Seminar
Budapest, Hungary

Complex Systems - key science of the 21st century
Medical University of Vienna Lecture
2008-12-03 to 2008-12-13
Vienna, Austria

Stability in linear systems in positive half-spaces
CBPF Seminar
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

An agent based model of the leverage cycle
Risk Retreat, Santa Fe Business Network Meeting
2008-10-16 to 2008-10-18
New York, USA

Theoretical investigations on strongly correlated statistical systems
Johannes Kepler University
Linz, Austria

Entropy approach to central limit theorems of correlated variables
International conference on Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics NEXT08
2008-10-27 to 2008-10-31
Foz do Iguazu, Brazil

Econophysics: economic agents on co-evolving networks and the emergence of economic cooperation
2008-07-21 to 2008-07-26
Bucarest, Romania

Generalized-generalized entropies and central limit distributions
International conference on statistical mechanics Sigma phi 2008
2008-07-14 to 2008-07-18
Kolymbari, Greece

Can Newton attack Complex Systems? Do Complex Systems challenge Newton?
Complex adaptive Systems applications Seminar, Santa Fe Business Network Meeting
2008-07-07 to 2008-09-09
London, England

Eigenvalue spectra of time-lagged covariance matrices: Possibilities for arbitrage?
4th Annual Carisma Conference - Risk Control Strategies for Hedge Funds and Program Trading
2008-07-01 to 2008-07-02
London, England

Physics of evolution?
COST Workshop: Networks, Complexity and Competition
2008-05-02 to 2008-05-04
Bled, Slovenia

Physics of evolution: Darwin and the theory of phase transitions
Jacobs University Seminar
Bremen, Germany

Physics of evolution: How physics can help understand what Darwin could not see
Ukraine Academy of Sciences
Lviv, Ukraine

Complex systems as simple systems on co-evolving networks
Brunel University Seminar
London, England

Socio- and econodynamics as exactly solvable spin models on dynamical co-evolving networks
International conference: Complex Systems II Australian National University
2007-12-05 to 2007-12-07
Canberra, Australia

Studies in the physics of evolution: creation, formation, destruction
International conference: Complex Systems II Australian National University
2007-12-05 to 2007-12-07
Canberra, Australia

Physics of evolution: creation, formation, destruction
CSIRO seminar
Canberra, Australia

A solvable spin model on dynamical networks and the phase diagrams of market shares
Santa Fe Institute Seminar
Santa Fe, USA

A solvable spin model on dynamical networks
Applications of Networks: From fundamental physics to complex networks
2007-11-02 to 2007-11-04
Crakow, Poland

How picking your friends solves the dilemma: Prisoners dilemma on dynamical networks and emergence of economic cooperation
Toyota CRDL Workshop
2007-09-23 to 2007-09-27
Baden, Austria

Herds, Patterns, Algorithmic Trading
Talk at OeVAG Bank
Vienna, Austria

2007-09-01 to 2007-09-09
Sibiu, Romania

Towards a physics of evolution: The destructive phase transition in evolution-dynamics
4th Annual Meeting COST Action P10 Physics of Risk
2007-09-21 to 2007-09-23
Palermo, Italy

What is the information our senses make sense of?
Alpbach Technology Talks 2007
2007-08-22 to 2007-08-26
Alpbach, Austria

Generalizing Boltzmann factors
ICTP School and Conference on Complex Systems and Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics
2007-07-31 to 2007-08-08
Trieste, Italy

Entropies for complex systems ? Generalized generalized-entropies or maximum-entropy entropies
CTNEXT07: Complexity, Nonextensivity and Metastability
2007-07-02 to 2007-07-05
Catania, Italy

Towards a physics of evolution
COST Workshop: Networks: Topology, Dynamics and Risk
2007-05-03 to 2007-05-05
Belgrade, Serbia

Derivation of an entropy for arbitrary distribution functions: Entropies for Complex Systems?
Deterministic Dynamics meets Stochastic Dynamics, ESI
2007-04-18 to 2007-04-20
Vienna, Austria

Towards a physics of evolution
Collegium Budapest Seminar
Budapest, Hungary

Entropies for complex systems: generalized Boltzmann factors and their consequences
Tata Institute Theoretical Physics Seminar
Mumbai, India

Physics of evolution
Assembly Organization and Propulsion in Complex Systems
2007-02-22 to 2007-02-24
Chennai, India

Gemeinsame Wege nach vorne, Rede zur Emeritierungsparty von Klaus Ehrenberger
Emeritierung von Klaus Ehrenberger, Billrothhaus
Vienna, Austria

Generalized Boltzmann factors and their consequences for entropy
University of Vienna Aspus Seminar
Vienna, Austria

Prisoners dilemma on dynamical networks: emergence of economic cooperation
Santa Fe Institute Seminar
Santa Fe, USA

Entropies for complex systems: generalized Boltzmann factors and their consequences
Santa Fe Institute Seminar
Santa Fe, USA

Entropies for complex systems
COST P10 WG3 Workshop: Structure and Dynamics of Networks
2006-09-21 to 2006-09-23
Vienna, Austria

Science of the Complex: neue Sichtweise der Wissenschaft oder inkrementeller Fortschritt?
Alpbach Technology Talks 2006
2006-08-24 to 2006-08-26
Alpbach, Austria

Erfolgsfaktoren am Weg zur wissenschaftlichen Exzellenz
Alpbach Technology Talks 2006
2006-08-24 to 2006-08-26
Alpbach, Austria

Arbeiten der Complex Systems Research Group 2004-2006
Talk at Medical University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

Games on dynamical networks and the emergence of economic cooperation
Complex behaviour in economics
2006-05-04 to 2006-05-06
Aix en Provence, France

Dynamical complex networks of rational economical agents
3rd Annual Meeting COST Action P10, Physics of Risk
2006-05-13 to 2006-05-16
Vilnius, Lithuania

Power laws in statistical mechanics from first principles or What is a Boltzmann factor?
Trinity College Seminar
Dublin, Ireland

Exzellente Netzwerke in Technologie-, Innovations- und Wissenschaftspolitik
Talk at RTF Austria
Vienna, Austria

Two aspects of the nature of complex networks
Nonlinearity, nonequilibrium and complexity: questions and perspectives in statistical physics
2005-11-27 to 2005-12-02
Tepoztlan, Mexico

Complex networks emerging from random graphs: What quantum mechanical tools have to do with network theory
Johannes Kepler University Linz, Colloquium
Linz, Austria

Complexity and artistic form: thoughts on the theme
Complexity and Art Symposium
Vienna, Austria

Empirical network structure of the Austrian interbank market
Workshop Sytemic risk in the financial sector
2005-09-30 to 2006-10-01
Budapest, Hungary

An agent based model for the risk market
Workshop Sytemic risk in the financial sector
2005-09-30 to 2005-10-01
Budapest, Hungary

Deriving power law distributions within standard statistical physics
NEXT Sigma Phi 2005
2005-08-13 to 2005-08-18
Kolympari, Greece

Evolution - Netzwerke - Innovation
Talk at a charity foundation
Vienna, Austria

Complex networks emerging from random graphs
University of Vienna, Aspus Seminar
Vienna, Austria

Evolution - Netzwerke - Innovation
Talk at VGAM
Dornbirn, Austria

Optimal search on technology landscapes
Talk at FAS
Vienna, Austria

Complex networks emerging from random graphs
2nd Annual Meeting COST P10 Action, Physics of Risk
2005-04-23 to 2005-04-26
Toledo, Spain

Die Complex Systems Research Group
Talk at Medical University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

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