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Conferences, Workshops

Past Meetings

2016-09-21 to 2016-09-21CCS16 Satellite WorkshopSFI workshop @ CCS 16
2015-04-17 to 2015-04-17Complexity Science Hub ViennaBig data, complexity, and the health care system
2014-09-24 to 2014-09-24ECCS'14 Satellite WorkshopMultiplex Networks 2014: Towards the understanding of a complex world
2013-10-10 to 2013-10-11INSITE FP7 Workshop 2013Games, Science & Society
2013-09-19 to 2013-09-19ECCS'13 Satellite WorkshopMultiplex Networks 2013: Towards the understanding of a complex world
2012-09-18 to 2012-09-19INSITE FP 7 WorkshopMeasuring, Quantifying and Modeling Social Behavior
2012-03-19 to 2012-03-19FuturICT - Austria/SloveniaUpdating Developments
2011-07-01 to 2011-07-01FuturICT Austria 2011Constitutional Workshop
2011-04-07 to 2011-04-09INSITE Kickoff meetingAn Experimental Science of Innovation?
2010-06-09 to 2010-06-25Lecture Series Entropy 2010Contemporary Views on Entropy in Classical, Quantum and Complex Systems
2010-03-10 to 2010-03-12COST Workshop 2010Processes on Networks
2006-09-21 to 2006-09-23COST Workshop 2006Network Dynamics

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