Multiplex Networks 2014: Towards the understanding of a complex world


The backbone of complex systems such as societies, ecosystems, transportation or financial  markets is often realized by components that are related through a variety of different interactions and relations. The existence of multiple interaction types in complex systems renders their description as a single network partial and incomplete.

An understanding of the dynamics of such systems must incorporate the fact that their building blocks evolve as a consequence of superimposed dynamical lays governed by more than a single  network. A collection or superposition of various networks connecting a set of nodes is called a multiplex network. Undoubtedly, the multiplex framework will play an important role in the future research related to the emergence of complex patterns and dynamics in non-trivially interconnected systems.

After the succeess of the first edition at the ECCS'13, we are excited to again bring together people active in this new field, involving a new generation of scientists interested to discover new land in a field of truly multidisciplinary character. We specially encourage young scientists working on this field to present their results.

Abstract submission: One page in pdf with citations and figures, if needed, should be sent to anita.wanjek(at) with the subject "ECCS'14 Satellite on Multiplex Networks".

Multiplex Networks: The next Challenge

Invited Speakers:

Marc Barthélémy

Peter Klimek

Yamir Moreno

Vincenzo Nicosia

Important dates

June 15: Deadline abstract submission

July 20: Acceptance notification




Bernat Corominas-Murtra

Peter Klimek

Stefan Thurner,

Medical University of Vienna,

Section for Complex Systems

ECCS’14 Satellite Workshop. Lucca, September 2014

Medical University of Vienna, Spitalgasse, 23 1090, Vienna, Austria.