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Jan Korbel - Talks

Thermodynamics of structure-forming systems
Joint European Thermodynamics Conference 2021
2021-06-14 to 2021-06-18
Prague, Czech Republic

Thermodynamics of structure-forming systems
Entropy 2021: The Scientific Tool of the 21st Century
2021-05-05 to 2021-05-07
virtual, Porto, Portugal

Stochastic thermodynamics in uncertain environments
American Physical Society - March Meeting: Stochastic Thermodynamics of Biological and Artificial Information Processing
2021-03-15 to 2021-03-19
virtual, Washington, United States

Predicting collapse of adaptive networked systems without knowing the network
Complex Networks 2019
2019-12-10 to 2019-12-12
Lisbon, Portugal

Classification of Generalized Entropies and Applications to Complex Systems
The 7th Conference on Information Theory and Complex Systems - tinkos 2019
2019-10-15 to 2019-10-16
Belgrade, Serbia

Scaling expansions: universal tool for classification of complex systems
Czech Technical University
Prague, Czech Republic

Consistency of Maximum entropy principle for generalized entropies
Entropy 2018
2018-05-14 to 2018-05-16
Barcelona, Spain

Transfer entropy between communities in complex financial networks
6th International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications 2017
2017-11-29 to 2017-12-01
Lyon, France

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